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Fibrosan, Leading GRP laminates producer of Eastern Europe
World known producer of
GRP laminates

Based upon the experience of composite sector since 1949 and marketing, materials and products of roofing since 1971, Yücel Group incorporated Fibrosan in 1983.

Amassing the world's upmost GRP laminate production standards and techniques and bringing them in Turkey, Fibrosan achieved its goal of leading the Turkish GRP laminate sector in 2000’s and attained a valuable place among the premium producers of the global GRP market under its own brands.

Fiberplast, expert storage solutions with GRP tanks, silos and pools
Liquid and solid storage projects for the world made up of GRP

Fiberplast is another innovative enterprise of the group, powered by 60 years of experience.

Fiberplast provides Turkish prime brands and companies as well as world’s leading producers and projects with its expertise in GRP tanks, silos, pools and project based solutions in food, agriculture, chemicals, sports and recreational projects and water treatment with top quality standards and certification.

The composite materials supplier of Turkey
The composite materials
supplier of Turkey

Based upon the essential experience of the Yücel Group in the composite sector, Yücel Kompozit was incorporated in 1983, supplying Turkish composite producers with top quality raw materials, machinery and equipment.

Yücel Komposit is the solution center for all composite producers and manufacturers as the distributor of world brands.

Fibrosan GmbH
Fibrosan at Germany

Due to the interest of the precise and choosy German GRP market to Fibrosan products and services, Fibrosan GmbH is trading in Germany since 1999.

Fibrosan UK
Fibrosan at United Kingdom

Fibrosan is trading in UK, the quality and innovation oriented GRP market of Europe and overseas, since 2007.

Fibrosan Incorporated
Fibrosan at USA

Fibrosan Inc. was incorporated as a major provider of sales, marketing and supply services of Fibrosan automotive products in the USA.