• İzmir International Fair in the 1940s
  • Fiberglass composites 1950
  • Fiberglass composites 1960
  • Fiberglass composites 1970
  • GRP corrugated roof and roofing
  • GRP transparent and translucent roof
  • GRP operation room wall claddings
  • GRP hangar door
İzmir Fair 19491 Fiberglass car body 19502 Fiberglass caravan 19603 GRP Fiberglass composite boats4 GRP opaque corrugated roofings5 Fibroser translucent roofings6 Decopan Hygiene7 Asiana Airlines Incheon Hangar Fibrosan Panolux8


Haydar Yücel Ticarethanesi Fevzipaşa İzmir 1949
1949 to 60s...

The GRP composites, so called fiberglass were introduced to automotive and boat building industries and started to became popular in the year of 1949, the starting point of some new lifestyles and various development

Haydar Yücel, the founder of Yücel Group started to trade in 1949, in such a period.

Keeping an eye on the emerging developments in composites industry, Haydar Yücel has been involved in trading and marketing of roofing, paint, machinery and equipment through the business ofice and building supply house during 50s and 60s.

Haydar Yücel Ticarethanesi İnşaat malzemesi
70s and GRP

When Marketing President Erdem Yücel and President of Technology Erday Yücel started business in 1970, the trading company was named as Haydar Yücel & Sons. The management team decided to head for GRP sector during that year.

After changing the principal area of business activity towards GRP, the company’s marketing network and activities have spread all over Turkey in 1971.

Yücel Grubu CTP levha üretimi
80s... Production starts up

The foundation steps of the Group, leading towards the present achievements were taken in 1983. The company with a strong domestic and international marketing network of roofings, raw materials and equipment, decided to found a production and marketing group of companies and start to produce GRP products.

As of 1983, the marketing operations of the Yücel Group have been started to be executed by Yücel Pazarlama Ltd. later named Yücel Kompozit, while the Group incorporated Fibrosan Inc. to produce GRP composite products.

After producing within Fibrosan for 4 years, GRP silos and tanks production had been splitted from laminates facility and Fiberplast Ltd. was incorporated.

Fibrosan GmbH
The end of 90s, the first company in Europe

After innovating for 10 years and achieving the major market share in Turkish GRP sector, the Group completed the high-precise quality management system with most reputable certification bodies and decided to trade with its own company in the German market and incorporated Fibrosan GmbH in 1999.

Fibrosan GmbH
The Millenium, UK and across the Atlantic

After the completion of the own quality management system, the Group started to provide consultancy services for companies abroad and drew great interest in the American continent with its innovations, where world brands of GRP products were born.

As experts classify the products’ quality above the world standards, Fibrosan became a requested brand and started to serve to UK market through Fibrosan UK Ltd. in 2007.

Fibrosan Panolux Asiana Airlines Incheon Hangar
2010 and forth, world projects

After 2010, group companies Fibrosan and Fiberplast became preferred brand owners for macro-scale projects.

While major Turkish and European projects are completed with Fiberplast, award-winning designers and global contractors conducted premium global projects, which trigered high coverage in global media, with Fibrosan products.